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Leentje enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge. She also likes helping creative minds to reach further. These workshops are both for beginners and experienced dyers, printers, textile lovers. Please look in webshop/workshop for more info.

Dyeing (with shibori) on natural fibers April 12, 13 and 14.

Working on cotton, linen, wool, silk and hemp. Learning about the best mordant for each fiber. And making practical choices about these. Getting to know the ins and outs of the best natural dye extracts or dryed and ground plants (flowers/roots). With shibori for the eager hands and minds to go in search of more abstract beauty. Overdyeing for many shades. Max 7 participants. Minimum 4.

Madder, weld, genista, cochineal, chestnut, indigo/woad and one more dye to choose together. Chlorofyl, Campechewood, oakwood extract. Something else ?


Painting with printing paste's. April 17 and 18.













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Foto: courtesy Atelier Fiberfusing.