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Leentje enjoys teaching technicalities and sharing her knowledge. She also likes helping creative minds to reach further. Both beginners and experienced dyers, printers, textile lovers.

Her workshops take place at her stimulating spacious studio in the centre of Amsterdam but when 6 or more students at atelier Fiberfusing at Nes a/d Amstel.. 

Dyeing with shibori on different fibers with a rainbow of colours.

October 28, 29 and 30. At Tinctoria or Atelier Fiberfusing.

Learning all the techniques for optimal mordanting for wool, silk, cotton, linen and hemp. Learning the tricks of the trade about dyeing with madder-extract, cochineal, genista-extract, reseda-extract, cutch, indigo, walnut and campeche wood. And making shibori in plain colours or in overdyeings in search of abstract beauty.                                                                                                  

Painting with printing pastes. October 31-November 1.

Using mainly guar gom, aluminium acetate, and the extracts of madder, genista and indigo, tannine from gallnuts combined with iron sulfate, cochineal and a discharge paste that will also work as a intensifyer on wool, silk, cotton, linnen and hemp. Many colours can be produced and they combine excellenty. Application with brushes, blocks or simple screens if wanted and brought by the participants. Finishing is done by steaming and washing.


When more than 6 participants the workshop will be held at  AT ATELIER FIBERFUSING(Facebook),  NES aan de AMSTEL, 10 km from Amsterdam. You will be picked up from the trainstation. Max 12 participants.










Kijk op Facebook voor een impressie van actuele cursussen.

Foto: courtesy Atelier Fiberfusing.